Grist for the Mill: Who’s afraid of the Feds?

Were you talking to Horse again?

The Mile Square seeing no arrests and convictions from the Feds since felons Peter Cammarano and Patrick Ricciardi could be forgiven if they’re feeling neglected.

Each year, there’s evidence of federal crimes oozing out of every pore in town at election time, especially the fourth ward but no arrests follow.

In 2013, this website exclusively reported the Department of Justice was in town on Election Day. DOJ communications with Hoboken residents continued right through a civil trial on election fraud on the rent control ballot question but no handcuffs, perp walk or names in lights.

There was however a new wrinkle under a different federal law enforcement agency, distinct from the FBI with their own investigators. The outcome however from the public perspective didn’t appear different.

The DOJ federal agents’ questioning which followed and perhaps unrelated, the massive drug sweep and arrests in the Hoboken Housing Authority with the Hoboken Police Department under the new stewardship of Police Chief Ken Ferrante may be causing some present day agita.

One HHA employee closely aligned to former Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was spotted carrying an odd looking device for the office. Apparently he’s in dire fear the Feds are bugging the place. Frequent electronic sweeps to detect bugs has become a regular fixture of his paranoia. Is there a Fed audio library to go with Mr. Carmelo’s? What if the two should ever meet?

Beth Mason has been mostly out of sight, hiding out in Virginia since the blockbuster legal decision last month designating the lawsuit she announced in a live City Council meeting a frivolous SLAPP-suit. The echoes of owing close to $300,000 must be ringing in her ears and that of her political operative friends, Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi. (Grafix Avenger tossed more of their emails on the barbie just yesterday.)

Which fin is on the chopping block or should be after getting
counte$$ into one SLAPPy mess?

Didn’t the skin headed wannabe shark tell the litigious councilwoman civil lawsuits can have unforeseen consequences no matter how good “members of our” believe they are at lying under oath?

After two and a half years, a two week trial and four feet of motion papers, the Hudson Superior Court trial judge wasn’t impressed with their “misrepresentations.” That’s legal speak for your pathological lying and lack of ANY evidence ends here.

Speaking of sightings, the serendipity of the universe yesterday saw this horse trot by former Mayor Peter Cammarano. It was the first time paths crossed since the February Bajardi v Pincus SLAPP-suit trial. Late hellos exchanged by both on passing. Awkward.

At the trial, Cammarano testified he had not read the NJ Supreme Court decision barring him from practicing law in New Jersey. He also neglected to mention to the jury he took $25,000 in bribes for due consideration of an imagined zoning variance.  Petey, did you read the part from the legal decision where the trial judge wrote the Plaintiffs were limited public figures who happened to “perpetrate and perpetuate a SLAPP-suit in the guise of a defamation case involving weighty issues of Constitutionally protected First Amendment political free speech?”

Let’s review with our time in the courtroom together. Was it good for you too?

That SLAPP-suit was AMAZING!

More suspects on the Bajardi useless witness testifying haul. Timmy Occhipinti, the councilman who saw his 2010 campaign’s Vote-by-Mail efforts land up on the desk of the highest law enforcement office in the state. Add too, Beth Mason who filled out the witness list with her highly questionable testimony not long after making the list of top campaign violators in the entire state of NJ according to the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Former BoE official and friend of Pupie, Anthony Petrosino came out of the closet and showed up to testify he was a nasty Curious Gal but he had nothing of relevance to say and was promptly ejected out of the courtroom on a flight to Austin. Sorry Petro, courtrooms are not Hoboken City Council meetings where Old Guard political operations can run. Hopefully you get to keep the bonus miles with those round trip tickets courtesy of counte$$. Hey, let’s chat again soon. Looking forward to it.

Last, we’re almost officially into election season but as a public service to all points Mile Square, any insertion into the electoral process attempting to shape public discourse inclusive of election results is one of public concern. This includes financial re: political contributions. See ya on the ELEC report.

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