City of Hoboken announces:

In the days ahead, the City of Hoboken will be transitioning operations of the Corner Cars on-street car sharing program from Hertz 24/7 to the new system operator, Zipcar.
Today, August 27, 2015 is the last day that members can make reservations for Hertz 24/7 vehicles located in Hoboken. All Hertz 24/7 vehicles will be off the street by August 31st.
On September 1st, Zipcar will be striping and installing signage at the on-street car sharing locations, and some Zipcar vehicles within the Corner Cars program will be available starting on September 2nd.
Zipcar currently has an additional 30 vehicles available now for reservation by community members. To join, visit
Further details on how to transition from Hertz to Zipcar are forthcoming. However, if any Hertz members would like to change their membership to Zipcar immediately, please email

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