Grist for the Mill: Sleepy summer time in Hoboken, perish the thought

It’s sleepy summer time for Hoboken with sizzling weather coming back but if you find yourself in need of a good criminal attorney, you may oddly find there’s lots of doors with the “occupied” sign up.  It’s not summer vacation keeping these legal beagles busy.

Where’s the heat Horsey?

Independently confirmed sources says one prominent member of Hoboken public safety has retained the same criminal lawyer who tried to spare former stripper and Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini from punishment when caught in the clutches of Operation Bid Rig III.  She’s now a resident of the State of Texas, courtesy of the Feds so you have to wonder if the investment will pay off.

What leading mayoral challenger stopped Da Horsey for a chat on the street over the weekend to question our photographic applications at government meetings but after listening to a reasonable explanation on photo journalism added on a separate note how we could do a lot of good for Hoboken?  Can you say all systems go for spring 2013?

Which prominent Beth Mason minion family now lives in walking distance of the Edgewater Multiplex theater in Bergen County and is making less of a nuisance of themselves on Hoboken Patch?  What drove away prosbus and the curious gal known for their filthy fabricated attacks on anyone associated with Reform?  Has anyone noticed how they trot out their usual spiel of lies but don’t defend counte$$ anymore?  Maybe that should have the “charitable” Hoboken civic leaguer concerned.

Which City Councilman’s marvelous Houdini escape from the Feds in 2009 while his former campaign manager fared far less lucky with Fedex envelopes is the subject of curiosity if his “deal” is valid?  If the US Attorney’s Office in Newark learns from past experiences, they’ll look at what’s on the table and not try to trade up for a rainy day.  That family has a consistent history of promising the world and leaving the Feds holding the bag with squadoosh.

Which finboy has been missing from the Hudson?  One Old Guard source noted they had trouble reaching the wannabe shark for weeks to talk about issuing some work.  Said fish after suffering humiliating exposure by a certain grafix girl and a farm animal for selling a phony Nazi meme on behalf of counte$$ to an eager local fish wrap has departed for safer waters far from this river.

Which City Council member needs to go back for high school remedial classes on the US Constitution?  Their latest misadventure to suppress speech of Hoboken Board members showed he’s eager to impress his counte$$ but not an ounce of common sense.  Four years of college government classes and not one shred of respect for America’s most basic and cherished freedoms.  Will this tool allow themselves to be used in even more foolish legal enterprises and what would their employer think of all this?

If counte$$ thinks it’s such a swell idea, why doesn’t she do it in her own name? Is she on the verge of releasing the documents of her civic league “charity” with all those political operatives on the payroll due this week or a nervous breakdown?

Time’s almost up.

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Burning Constitution graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

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