Guest of the Stable: A Hoboken senior on disability and honest government

I’m upset at the comments of using disability as a reason to get ahead or mouthing off by people who refuse to see positive change come about in Hoboken. I thought they were ok, because we’re told how bad Zimmer was. 
I’m here nearly eight years. Have a disability I’m sure much more then needing a cushion to sit. I have top of my head blown off and 80 percent of body had first, second, third degree burns, toes blown off my feet. I went on to work as millwright in the union.  This is since I’m 13 years old. To use disability as a ploy for fake compassion is cruel and shameful to every real disabled person, which we would prefer being called able-bodied.
My mom lived in this city 30 years. I’m here eight and sickened by the crooked dogs sitting at that city council table.  My mistake in my building was saying I liked Mayor Zimmer. I heard jokes of looks, never her ideas or love for a city. 
I called on old Hoboken for help with broken stuff. Nothing. But a letter to Zimmer from me and a friend here, we get things done.  And Dave Mello answered my email.  I’ll hear my share of complaints for my stand here, but in my life to be honest, I haven’t been a saint. 
After learning to live with a disability and gain my self esteem back, I changed my outlook on life. It’s not others fault. My choices are MINE!! I’d rather die with integrity then be a taker in my old age. 
I’m over 60 years old. I’ve seen corruption in Hudson county. But this city is open to it daily. No shame. They vote for a guy that on tape said he always gets their votes.  I’m proud to take a stand on this. I know lots of disabled people in my long years being disabled. I had to stop working when my legs gave out, not because i wanted too. There are disabled vets who are in need of housing, but some in old Hoboken fake disabilities and live off city jobs they don’t respect. And low income apts. Shameful. Thanks city council for standing up, and not fearing the screams from takers.
I’ve watched and listened.  Coming from jersey city, I’ve seen it all – Kenny, Whelan, etc. all go to jail. I grew up doors away from Bobby J and Paul Byrne. Both arrested and Bobby jailed and told on Barry from Applied. Paul died from illness and broken heart of a childhood friend giving him up so easy. 
That’s the real story of corruption, they’re low-lifes.
Keep up your good work.  Life is a fight to stand for something.

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