Where’s the financials for the Mason Civic League Ms. Mason?

It’s T minus 48 hours until the Mason Civic League financials are due from the LEGAL, written request last month to Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The legal request made via email to three different Beth Mason accounts includes her official City of Hoboken email account.  (And here we thought Beth Mason loved our emails, she’s always asking for them.)

At the last City Council meeting, Mason claimed no legal request had been made.  Of course she contradicted herself by also saying she was unaware of the same request.  Generally we know she’s not happy about the request.
Regardless, repeated requests including half a dozen emails all told have been made for the documents to two different Mason Civic League entities.  Perhaps we’re asking the wrong person.  The two other board members of the Mason Civic League are former fishy Weehawken resident James Barracato and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Rosen, Lipton and Katz. 
Since Beth Mason has what appears to be a limited understanding on what a legal request on a 501(c)(3) charity is, perhaps MSV should give a ring to the office and ask him.
Beth Mason (l) ran over to Interim Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo immediately after the council meeting last Wednesday complaining about Da Horsey’s questions and requests she make public the documents required by law for the Mason Civic League.  MSV has an outstanding legal request for the same documents due this week.  
Alternatively, Da Horsey can just walk over to 921 Hudson Street, the official office of the Mason Civic League and request to inspect the financial documents legally required be made available according to IRS statute.
In last Wednesday’s City Council meeting, MSV specifically told Beth Mason that was not the desired solution.  At the same City Council meeting Mason said a legal request would be met.
The IRS rule states:

Public Inspection and Disclosure of Form 990-T

Section 501(c)(3) organizations (charities) must make available for public inspection Forms 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return. IRS guidance provides as follows:
The IRS regulation effective June 8, 1999 state every 501(c)(3) charity required to file Form 990 annually is obligated to immediately provide copies of its three most recent 990s to ANYONE requesting them in-person, or send out copies within 30 days to ANY written request.
A written request includes both email and fax.
MSV made its request to inspect the documents June 19th.  Alternatively, the Mason Civic League has the right to make the documents “widely available” and post them on a publicly available website.
Da Horsey thinks that would be best and has repeatedly asked Beth Mason to do so.  Alternatively, we’d be happy to receive the documents.  Just email them to
Talking Ed Note:  If anyone is making a visit to 921 Hudson Street to inspect/obtain the records, please let us know how your trip to the Mason lair went or better yet invite Da Horsey along for a ride.

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