Grist for the Mill: Sad and fishy disappearances on Hoboken Patch

Beth Mason’s Hoboken internet strategy of political operatives referenced in internal emails filed in Hudson County Superior Court may have taken a turn for the worse this week with the disappearance of screen names posting nasty anti-reform commentary on Hoboken Patch.

The fishy suspects: Dov Arronson, Cindy Goldberg, Daria Gluck aka Dawn’s Broomstick, et. al. are believed to have perished in a horrific IP fishing accident on Hoboken Patch.

The screen names all believed to be in the employ of the behind the scenes second ward councilwoman’s bottom feeder were reeled in, aka terminated with extreme prejudice after an announcement was posted with vile anti-Semetic inflammatory rhetoric about ovens and the Nazi Holocaust.

The remarks posted on the Patch homepage were actually doctored screenshots, comments falsely attributed to Grafix Avenger.  Back in the spring of 2012, a similar political operation was presented to the Hudson Reporter attributing another false Nazi narrative attempting to smear Grafix Avenger and MSV.

That effort was said by a reliable source to have been promoted by Councilwoman Beth Mason and her political operative pitched to a reporter at the paper.  The story never found its way into print as it was uncovered and led to blistering rebukes on both Grafix Avenger and MSV.

Is this the last Hoboken will see of such vile Nazi baiting tactics? For the last couple of days at least, it is or until a IP masking solution can be deployed.  Until then, a Hoboken Neville Chamberlain can declare peace in our time on the Hoboken blogosphere.

It’s guaranteed not to last.

The wannabe shark looks dead in the water on Hoboken Patch.
It’s another setback for Beth Mason’s internet strategy.

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