Millions for the “taking” makes Vision 20/20 a battle to the bitter end this November

Today Vision 20/20 makes headway or begins spiraling down the highway to hell with the “official” kickoff of the Ruben Ramos Vision for Hoboken slate today.  It’s the second kickoff after the initial announcement early this year when it became clear State Senator Brian Stack would go a new route in an Assembly choice making the mayoral chair the object of Ramos’ desire.

Real news came over the weekend in Al Sullivan’s column the local NAACP head declined to endorse Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20.  MSV had heard a week back rumors of those strong concerns.

It’s not the boom Vision 20/20’s Carmelo Garcia was looking for from his “base” after he announced three obscure meetings for the undocumented plan on weekends in HHA buildings.

Expressing reservations with questions as most all rational observers in Hoboken have exercised, the local NAACP head raised the stakes and lowered the boom on Vision 20/20 putting at risk not the HHA residents but its untold millions for the connected re: those aligned with the Hoboken Sopranos and Old Guard in the massive redevelopment.

Vision 20/20 for Hoboken?  Later today the Ruben Ramos team will make it officially “official.”
Is Hoboken ready for the 20/20 vision?

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