Carmelo Garcia mobilizes again for Vision 20/20…. and Gov. Christie?

The mobilization for Vision 20/20’s public relations outreach to Hoboken is official with three dates announced on Hoboken Patch.

The timing of the limited public meetings in tandem with the locations – all three are HHA buildings -raises questions and Council President Peter Cunningham is quoted illustrating that point.

From the article, Garcia says, “The way you refute (the negative rumors) is by doing all of these things we had already set out to do.” A recent op-ed piece by HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver however said his request to hold full meetings for all Hoboken stakeholders was ignored back in February.

Council President Cunningham questioned the lack of forums outside of the HHA saying to Hoboken Patch, “If this is that important to Carmelo Garcia then he should be proactive in reaching out to the community at large.”

Here’s video of the last meeting held in one of the three named locations last week.  In the video political operatives on the Ruben Ramos campaign, Bayonne resident Nick Calicchio and Perry Belfiore make personal attacks along with Michelle Lessane aka Pokey who is seen screaming at Jake Stuiver at the end of the tape.

At an earlier City Council meeting, Lessane lobbed the race card at Councilman Dave Mello claiming she heard him call HHA residents monkeys at an earlier meeting.  Mello a school teacher in the South Bronx, aghast at the charge calmly replied, “You’re slandering me ma’m.”

Will the general Hoboken public be coming out on summer weekends for this:

Talking Ed Note: The goal of these three meetings by Carmelo Garcia is not to have the greater Hoboken public show up and ask troubling questions about the lack of a comprehensive plan for review but an attempt to expand his coalition beyond the limited number of HHA residents who are vocally in favor of the sight unseen Vision 20/20 plan.

Snatching a HHA seat for Carmelo Garcia with Gov. Christie deal?

Al Sullivan over the weekend noted he was hearing word from Carmelo Garcia people a deal was hatched exchanging Garcia’s support for the Governor for naming someone to a Hoboken Housing Authority seat where Garcia has lost control.  (See MSV’s story below and also this Hudson Reporter story where Garcia tried to change the minutes of a meeting among other ethics charges for attempting to hire his brother while President of the BoE.)

For reasons unclear, Carmelo Garcia attempted to walk back the “deal” saying to Sullivan it would be inappropriate. Is it because the rumored “deal” has gotten too public?

If Governor Christie needs to make an appointment in the HHA, there’s actually not a vacated seat to do so.  Such an appointment is made for a State seat (Judy Burrell’s) or after one is open.  Currently, the only HHA seat contested is Jake Stuiver’s who is a holdover and there’s some word he is planning a return to Hoboken meaning Stuiver would intend to seek another term as HHA commissioner.

That won’t come as sweet music to the ears of Carmelo Garcia or Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti.  Stuiver’s truth to power consistency has been a persistent thorn in their side.

There’s also word of problems emanating from a Garcia phone call to Stuiver last week requesting he resign his seat so more “trouble” brewing doesn’t befall him and his family.  Apparently, that trouble has reached multiple law enforcement agencies no thanks to Garcia who’s efforts to quell any such problem ended with his phone call asking for Stuiver to resign.

Governor Christie was endorsed by Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack and Carmelo Garcia but Al Sullivan
said there’s been a retreat from Garcia’s people bragging he exchanged his endorsement for a seat on the HHA.

Related: The 2005 HR story on Carmelo Garcia’s ethics problems.  Garcia had a problem on the BoE  attempting to change the meeting minutes illegally and having his brother hired by the agency.

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