President Trump calls for calm and peace in the face of Election Theft 2020

Hundreds of thousands of Americans gathered in DC and heard President Trump give a speech on the 2020 election where he would systematically lay out entire categories of election irregularities and fraud across battleground states.

Later, a small group of protestors would break off and storm the Capitol Building in protest after word of a letter from VP Mike Pence got out. Pence wrote he would decline requests from numerous state representatives for more time to examine the vastly increasing evidence of election fraud in their respective states.

His letter released before completion of President Trump’s speech stated he would go through with what he described as “ceremonial” duties in the certification process.

President Trump requested everyone return home peacefully.

A busload of Antifa and BLM is confirmed by law enforcement to have infiltrated the crowd and pretending to be supporters of President Trump in a false flag operation. (Photos linked here.)

President Trump’s remarks seen below have been completely censored again by Big Tech and are likely being distorted by DNC Media which continues to gaslight the American public claiming there is no evidence of widespread election fraud in Election Theft 2020.

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