Grist for the Mill: Municipal Garage Special Edition

A story on Hoboken Patch released earlier today states the City of Hoboken will be returning to the site of the Municipal Garage.  As much as that would create laughter among many familiar with the concept of karma and the outlandish hypocrisies of the former chairman of the Observer Highway Commission’s role in the garage fiasco, the truth is this isn’t actually the case.

While MSV can confirm the rumor the Municipal Garage site has been undeniably a fallback position for the City, a Patch source saying Hoboken will be moving back to the garage next week is one not actually decided at this point.

The city cleared out of the Municipal Garage on Aug. 13th.  Rumors of a return are premature.

The city walked into a land mine when they accepted an offer from the landlord for the uptown Willow St. location that a 60 day lease there would be no problem.  The landlord had in fact signed a competing lease to Hoboken Unleashed with terms giving them vacancy rights at far lower price than the $15,000 a month the city was willing to pay.  But Hoboken Unleashed’s lease hasn’t even commenced yet and the actual timing is not even clear.  Hoboken Unleashed has not to our knowledge even given a copy to any media for examination.

Although Hoboken Unleashed apparently made some agreement with the Willow St. location to pay an undisclosed amount to retain a right to lease at a later date, the legal wrangling to push the City off the property failed in Jersey City Superior Court.

As Hoboken Unleashed is currently seeking variances with the zoning board an outcome without some certainty, good faith negotiations with the City have been ongoing.  There’s no decision by the City at this point and a final decision is contingent on the outcome of those negotiations.

Don’t start the convoy downtown just yet.

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