Sign of the Times: The clock says the time for shouting is over

Sgt. Ed Drishti who heads the PSOA union for senior Hoboken Police officers leads a chant outside City Hall

The Hoboken police unions held a rally outside City Hall last Wednesday and it’s had at best limited success.  The noise level was impressive of the approximately 200 members spotted but it wasn’t as large as expected.  The rally did not appear to draw in the public as many went about their business as if nothing unusual was going on at all.

Regardless, the time for yelling is over.  Mayor Zimmer’s administration has said retirements brought to the table will offset the 18 scheduled layoffs for this Friday, September 24th.  There’s no more time for posturing, no time for threats or yelling.  It requires more than a handful to save the vitality of Hoboken’s Police Department.

There’s still time and plenty of thirty year plus Hoboken police veterans who can decide if they want to be counted and remembered as heroes to their younger brothers.

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