Assemblyman Ramos announces opposition to Hoboken police layoffs

From the office of Assemblyman Reuben Ramos:

Assemblyman Ramos opposes Mayor Zimmer’s decision to layoff Hoboken police.
(HOBOKEN) – Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. sent the following letter this morning to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer opposing her decision to layoff municipal police officers:
Mayor Zimmer:
As you know, the announcement of the prospective police layoffs in the City of Hoboken has generated much news in recent weeks.  It is my contention that the debate regarding this matter has been fueled by both politics and emotions. My purpose for writing letter is practical, as I wish to convey my opposition to the proposed layoffs in hopes of achieving a result that will better serve our residents.
There comes a time in every official’s life when some of the hardest decisions must be made. Often these decisions pit self-interest against providing for the greater good. Unfortunately, such decisions cannot be taken lightly or in vain. Every decision has its consequences and ramifications. I must commend you for your tough stance on this issue, as I know this is not a decision any executive wants to make. However, I fear this decision may have been made in haste.
First, it is important to convey that the City of Hoboken has compiled a surplus, making these cuts to the police force completely unnecessary.  These layoffs cannot be justified by a fiscal emergency. 
It is also important to note that the federal government has just conducted a census.  It is evident that the population of Hoboken has increased in the past 10 years, thereby negating any suggestions made by recent studies or reports that suggest it would be suitable to reduce the current complement of officers.  Discussions on a reduction in the police force should never have been entertained until after results from the census have been compiled and reviewed.
Furthermore, Hoboken is a unique municipality with regard to its proximity to both inter-state tunnels as well as public transportation hubs. This significantly increases the fluctuating population within city limits at any given time.  Such a fluctuation in population must be taken into account when discussing the size of the police force.
Undoubtedly, Hoboken has become a popular destination for numerous urban professionals and families who’ve relocated here from other parts of the country, let alone with State.  Hoboken has truly emerged as part of the great metropolis. We are fortunate enough to be situated in close proximity to New York City, just as we are proud of our waterfront, thriving arts community and local business district. 
However, for any of our residents to enjoy the above listed attributes, we must first prove that Hoboken is able to keep its residents safe. Hoboken has earned a reputation as an urban destination. The proposed reduction in police force would make living and visiting Hoboken a tough sell to the thousands of people that live here now and those hopeful, prospective residents. Additionally, it would be difficult to tell the numerous pedestrians and avid runners who enjoy walking or running through our quaint streets or waterfront that local neighborhoods will have a reduced police presence. 
Popular sentiment has articulated that police layoffs are not desired by the citizens of Hoboken.  As a New Jersey State Assemblyman, I cannot stand by idly and watch this debate any further. I feel compelled and obligated to amplify the sentiment of the people of Hoboken.
As stated in the opening of this correspondence, my aim for writing was practical.  Consequently, I encourage you to maintain discussion with both the Police Chief and representatives of the police union in order to work for the well being of our residents. 
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Very Truly Yours,
Ruben J. Ramos, Jr.
Assemblyman, 33rd District
New Jersey Legislature

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