Victory celebration at Scotland Yard for Brian Stack’s Assembly candidates Camelo Garcia and Raj Mukherji

Running mates for Assembly in the 33rd Legislative District Carmelo Garcia and Raj Mukherji were interviewed at Scotland Yard last night in downtown Hoboken, courtesy of Hudson County TV.

Attending the event included Ruben Ramos council slate members Joe Mindak and Eduardo Gonzalez who also holds a seat on the Hoboken Housing Authority. Politico David Liebler, a long time Old Guard supporter is also seen in the video with bar owner Joe Bronco and Hoboken Housing Authority residents.

Token opposition made the outcome moot leading into the Democratic Primary with about 20% of the registered Democratic Hudson County voters taking part going to the polls.

Talking Ed Note: MSV received an invitation but was unable to attend due to family issues. Congratulations to yesterday’s primary winners.

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has an exclusive story Beth Mason is attempting to limit the massive political damage with her 50K ingratiating investment into re-electing Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy. With the Jersey City mayor-elect Steve Fulop be satisfied? Will it encourage the Mason family to again begin trying to curry, re: buy favor with the new HCDO powers that be to revive her foundering dead ender political “career?”

Da Horsey has no idea but the best thing to do with such a problem buried in the tundra of Siberia is a mercy killing to let them quietly die there, politically speaking of course.  

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