Grist for the Mill: Freeholder resistance in Hoboken?

The primaries are underway and Horsey received the first call at dawn when a voter recounted the uptown firehouse had a machine down forcing “emergency” ballot voting and much confusion.

As the phone rang just about 7:00 am, the first thought was “terrorist attack” or a local death of someone significant in the community. It turned out to be a far better outcome with county officials working to get the voting machine back in operation.

There won’t be much drama today in Hoboken with much of the ballot unopposed in the Democratic primary. Most of the interest will lie atop and at the bottom of the ticket for governor and Democratic Committee.

There are whispers though of a faint resistance in the wind for freeholder.

Late yesterday, chatter began about how to vote for freeholder but not for either the HudCo incumbent or the boisterous Carmelito on the line. Those whispers have grown louder for a write-in for Kurt Gardiner.

Gardiner was the 2011 independent upstart who with no campaign, office or signage who took almost one second ward district and 30% of the Hoboken vote totaling almost 1800 votes running an internet campaign on his reform website, the Hoboken Journal and here on MSV.

Now a commissioner on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, Gardiner isn’t running as he did in November 2011 as an official candidate against Anthony Stick Romano but there’s a resistance among the local citizenry and many have not forgotten the bloody nose delivered six years ago.

In a brief phone interview today, Kurt Gardiner declined to comment if he heard about the whisper campaign afoot. But when pressed he reluctantly admitted, “I voted for myself” as a write-in for freeholder.

Kurt Gardiner sank Frank “Pupie” Raia’s bid for more than a quarter century on the NHSA board but today
it’s a whisper campaign building to resist the incumbent freeholder Stick Romano as in 2011.

Talking Ed Note: Feel free to join in the write-in against HudCo and the status quo, not a Carmelito.
Kurt Gardiner, write-in for Freeholder.

Uptown residents in the second ward, district one are writing in Sheillah Dallara and Aaaron Dallara for Democratic Committee.

Update: A letter has appeared from Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano endorsing candidates on Column F. Holy Benedict Arnold Batman!

Romano appears on Column E.

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