Early Democratic Committee: “Big win” for Mayor Zimmer’s Column E

Crushing win for Reform & Mayor’s Column E

The polls have closed and the full results will be in later on today’s primary voting but a reliable source says the Hoboken Democratic Committee Column E backed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer will be a major victor.

The Hoboken Democratic Committee is an early prognosticator of campaign strength leading to this fall’s November election.

Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher led efforts to rekindle a strong Hoboken Democratic Committee and the results appear to be looming large for the Column E candidates.

The Column F Democrats headed by the Russo Clan appear doomed to a major defeat.

The final tallies of the Democratic Committee election will be finalized next Monday when the winners are designated and vote for a number of offices and agenda items.  The results tonight are preliminary and pending to the Monday meeting.

Update: Unconfirmed but another source believes the Hoboken Democratic Committee Column E has crushed it taking fully 90% or better of their listed candidates. That would be over 60 seats.

Update 2: The final tallies are anticipated to be in the range of 62 districts for Column E vs. 17 for Column F, +/- 1.

This is a YUGE local victory portending big things to come November in the Hoboken elections.

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