Grist for the Mill: The FBI Data Theft Edition, Episode 1

People are of course closely going through the insightful but limited roadmap laid out by the FBI’s criminal complaint, but others don’t bother with such factual details.  One Old Guard person known for taking a board position with benefits so he doesn’t have to lay out from his millions has been telling people the opposite of what people conclude after reading the complaint.
According to this Old Guarder it’s the mayor’s communications manager and confidential aide who are persons #1 and #2 in the criminal complaint.
He’s absolutely seriously proposing that people in the mayor’s office worked to steal their own email and did so through Patrick Ricciardi.  Stop laughing.
Another reader emailed on a conversation with another old guard adherent who would not entertain any other names but City Councilman Peter Cunningham and former councilman Michael Lenz.  The reader added no amount of facts would deter them from that conclusion.
You have to admire the steadfastness of the Old Guard.  Then again, they aren’t completely isolated and have been joined in this routine by former people who left Reform joining up with the well financed Beth Mason payroll.  One such payee even managed to get a Mason political operation support letter in the Hudson Reporter last weekend.
Before the case broke, MSV was told by one such Masonite among her greatly diminished base the FBI was here for Mayor Zimmer because of City contracts.  At the time we laughed and didn’t know he was just parroting the party line from Hoboken411.  
Speaking of the website where Councilwoman Beth Mason runs her political operations, Perry Klaussen is having a tough time coping with the reality of truth bearing down on him.  Since Patrick Ricciardi was suspended from City Hall, his access on suspect if not illegal information along with some photos has evaporated.  
Patrick Ricciardi was apparently the information source for articles and the FBI must have some interesting dots connected.  In the criminal complaint, the FBI laid out a city divided into factions where “articles and comments” appear on blogs.
Hoboken411 is obviously the source for the suspect information on “articles” and MSV is the “weblog” noted for its comments by readers.  Previously the boys of Hate411 said the FBI didn’t care about theft of data from City Hall and laid out themselves as heroes along the lines of the Pentagon Papers.  The Mason minion is a self-proclaimed Nixonian history buff.  (See video lower on the page.)
Patrick Ricciardi was the hateful voice of Loveyourtaxmoney on
the wild west Hoboken forum.  He really did love it to
the tune of almost $400K in 2009 and 2010.
Reliable sources also confirm Patrick Ricciardi was the nasty voice and author of loveyourtaxmoney on Hoboken’s wild west forum.  
That screen name was notable for its hatred of Reform, people advocating for good government and condescending screeds against anyone who wasn’t an Old Guard adherent.  
One thing you can say about Ricciardi.  After earning close to 400K for 2009 and 2010, he certainly chose the right name for himself.
Talking Ed Note:  The Hudson Reporter noted Patrick Ricciardi’s base salary was 73K but failed to show the complete numbers he’s pulled in recent years with OT.  
The last personnel cost reductions proposed by MORTe was when they held sway before July and they had proposed cutting the mayor’s salary and the Directors for a second time.  
Even without a second pay cut, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has made far less than Patrick Ricciardi.  The mayor doesn’t earn OT, and Patrick Ricciardi just about tripled his base salary doing so.    

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