First City Council Meeting tonight after FBI’s Smashing the Data Theft Ring at City Hall

Hoboken has a Monday night City Council meeting tonight due to the League of Municipalities meeting later this week.

This is the first opportunity for residents to see their council members in action since the FBI arrest of Patrick Ricciardi’ and his massive looting of the communications in the Mayor’s office going back to early 2010 – as stated in the FBI’s criminal complaint.

There’s important matters of budget line transfers and the refinancing of the midtown garage.  Failure to act on these straight forward measures means big trouble for taxpayers and City workers re: layoffs.

MORTe is always trouble when one of their four votes is needed.  They practically destroyed Hoboken and the hospital only reversing their votes at the very last minute.

A food truck ordinance is also being introduced.  There’s a lot of speculation on what the right balance is on those vendors and local businesses who pay substantial costs to operate compared to meals on wheels.

Last, Beth Mason is pointing to a Planning Board meeting on the Monarch project tonight and inviting residents to attend.  Will she hide out there and skip tonight’s City Council meeting?  It looks like she might.

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