Justice and the law shockingly rears up in Hoboken

It’s the biggest corruption story in Hoboken since Peter Cammarano’s arrest.  If you are reading this that’s already old news for most of you.  For some, it’s a cringeworthy time looking in the rear view mirror at their foolish words or worse.  For others it’s a time for delusional fronting pointing in every direction but the mirror and for an unknown number panic with the horror show and a knock at the door to come.

If anyone held hope the FBI was dormant in Hoboken, that question has been resoundingly answered.  The Boys (and girls) of Summer were quite busy and have started an Autumn Classic.

There’s a City Council meeting on Monday.
Will the newest heroes of Hoboken be attending or just watching?

This week MSV saw record traffic.  That’s not unexpected with an election last week but it wasn’t just the Jolly Green Giant Kurt Gardiner’s out of nowhere campaign making waves.  Gardiner’s pulling over 1500 votes with its pennies per vote investment was big news turning in the largest resistance across the electoral expanse to the Hudco Tax Machine but it was quickly surmounted by the Feds action the day after.

The hunger for justice in this town is strong.  While Councilwoman Beth Mason and some commenters online would call it a “sad day” for Hoboken you didn’t hear any sadness here.  It was more like jubilation.  Some readers online and via email were lamenting the lack of action by the Feds and Da Horsey even made a rare foray into the comments to say, “Oh ye of little faith…”

That’s now past and Wednesday’s traffic quickly hit a record.  MSV would like to welcome all the new readers and invite you to tell your friends and their friends.  Psst, you don’t need to tell any of the Boys of Summer in Newark, they already know.

Those who came here got more than ample coverage while in the Hudson Reporter, the self-proclaimed insights of “Between the Lines” columnist Al Sullivan got nothing but erie silence.  His steady machinations against the Mayor’s Administration fell completely silent on the news of the ransacking of that office’s communications top to bottom going back to early 2010.  MSV covered his falling in with the criminal element earlier where he called the FBI investigation “overkill” and expects more of the same as soon as he can muster some spin with MORTe’s political operatives.

I’m sure you guys will figure something out Al.

MSV is proud to call Grafix Avenger both a colleague and friend.  Her artistic innovation combined with her sense of justice and fair play may appear on its face to be partisan and it sometimes is but we’re not too jealous to say she’s the absolute ruler of satire in these parts.

She’s added some new revelation to a suspicious letter planted in the Hudson Reporter supporting MORTe’s ugly actions on the hospital sale and blown it to smithereens.

Grafix Avenger is also having a busy Sunday revealing that Patrick Ricciardi’s ex-wife has had her identity stolen in fake emails.  (Do these folks ever tire of breaking the law?)  Hoboken Now also had a string of the ex-wife’s comments magically yanked.  MSV will be looking into that.  Da Horsey was hesitant to print all of her comments but will be revisiting this too.

Don’t ask who the gravestone is for MORTe, your names are written on it. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV is preparing a new “Grist for the Mill” for Monday.  If you would like to be considered for the rumor column send your tasty nugget to

Monday’s Grist is going to be followed by a regular City Council meeting moved from its regular Wednesday timeframe due to the annual League of Municipalities meeting.  Anyone planning on going to see if our lunkheads from MORTe can do an end of year budget line transfer or a simple refinance on the midtown garage adding $50,000 to the City’s revenues without their steady drama of political sabotage?

This will also be the public’s first opportunity to publicly sound off on the rancid looting of the Mayor’s office and all its communications of the people’s business that was systematically being pillaged by IT Manager Patrick Ricicardi on behalf of yet unnamed multiple parties.

Do you suspect you were a victim in any personal communication to City Hall?  Tell Da Horsey, or better yet tell MORTe how you feel Monday night.  Bring a mirror with you so you can aim it Councilwoman Beth Mason for her “response.”

If you can’t make the meeting just send an email to the Mayor’s Office.  That’s been suggested as the fastest way to get your email read by MORTe and its sponsor Beth Mason who is known for not responding to constituent emails.

Most recently one 2nd ward resident recently noted in a letter to the Hudson Reporter his attempt to get a response on her position (or rather silence) on the Monarch project received nothing but the sound of crickets.

We’re pretty confident that one wasn’t planted by Beth Mason.  Her very, very late denials on involvement in the Data Theft Ring, not so much.

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