“Grist for the Mill” Election Special

Word on the street:

By noontime the vote was strong and vigorous, coming in at 7,000 indicating a stronger turnout than the June runoff election.  This from sources within City Hall also indicated the total number should it double to approximately 14,000 would not necessarily suggest an equal number for both the statewide and city race.

Expectations run that an undervote may in fact put the race in similar range as the June runoff.

Pupie HQ was lively as we stopped by not too long ago.  On background we were told the high absentee ballot figures running rampant around town were in fact completely fallacious.  The absentee ballots run in the hundreds and not in the four figure plus range that was being floated around in wild speculation.

Total absentee ballots in the election are looking pretty firm at this point.  Almost 1100 are currently turned in but not validated.  A couple of dozen additional ballots are arriving now and it’s not beyond reason that more may arrive by the 8:00 PM deadline.

We’ll check back with more solid data when possible.

No suggestion on confidence of any candidate will be implied or suggested with the polls open.  Please get out and vote.

You don’t need to wait for anyone to get the latest results.  Just go here: all Hudson County elections are listed and you just refresh as desired.

Update 7:40 – online polling is not statistically significant however even the bile filled Hoboken411 can only sit and watch as Dawn Zimmer’s confirmed voters have her soaring in the mid 60’s in the total vote there.  Irony does have a sense of humor.  Beth Mason is not showing even 20%.  This vote is notoriously representative of the more professional urban voter and those numbers will no doubt be much different in the end.

It is however ironic as Perry Klaussfurher must sit and watch the horror of his efforts materialize before his eyes.  He’s like the worst good luck charm out there.  Well at least Beth Mason should fare better after his support and not land up facing jail for corruption.

Polls are now closed.  The weak minded ones are already embittered seeing the writing on the wall in the online poll.  Is there enough prilosec in town for H411, its operatives and the fools who believed in the fool’s “facts” on candidates?  It’s already the biggest group of crybabies in town and the first numbers are not even in yet.  The online poll numbers were so bad for Mason, Perry “restarted” the poll entirely from scratch.  Gee, you think that’ll help?

Talking Ed Note: the inmates were going so mental, Perry had to do something before some of the loons realized he was responsible for their idiocy.  The Gov. statewide vote did not “require” a restart.  This is more fun than the actual election.

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