Hoboken Mayor (Unexpired)
35/36 97.22%
Vote Count Percent
– Patricia A. Waiters 74 0.60%
– Elizabeth Mason 2,780 22.61%
– Frank Raia 2,270 18.46%
– Nathan Brinkman 554 4.50%
– Everton A. Wilson 36 0.29%
– Dawn Zimmer 5,278 42.92%
– Kimberly Glatt 1,284 10.44%
Personal Choice 22 0.18%
Total 12,298 100.00%

Although the numbers are not final, it’s not too soon to congratulate –

MAYOR DAWN ZIMMER on her blowout victory in a field of seven candidates.

Outspent by her top two challengers at the last official count in the ballpark of $600,000 to $100,000, she still managed to overcome additional obstacles including an all out media campaign undermined by the true facts of a tax decreases and the budget release this month.  There’s nothing more to add right now other than Mile Square View is proud to have played a role in bringing the true facts to the Hoboken voters a full week ago.
In the end, that truth helped accelerate a fine victory by Team Zimmer.  Kudos also to Frank Raia for running a fine positive campaign.  We do hope he will play a positive role at City Hall and beyond.
Many challenges lie ahead for Hoboken.  This is the first time in many years people can look at City Hall and have hope the sad chapters of the past may finally be over.

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