Horse Sense: The Absentee isn’t absent

Historically, an absentee ballot vote grew out of any number of legitimate reasons. A person could not make it to the polls on election day: business out of town, family illness or some problem within acceptable criteria for not performing the responsibility of trudging to the polls like everyone else.  This year, the state of New Jersey has opened the flood gates, you didn’t need a qualified reason to vote by absentee ballot.  All you had to do was file a request.  As a result, there will be a record turnout: of absentees.  How’s that for irony?

Hoboken has a rich recent history of absentee ballots playing critical roles in election outcomes.  As most may know, Peter Cammarano made up the difference in the last election last June by overcoming a significant deficit at the voting machines.  His absentee ballot tallies were so high, I had to sit down and take an actual calculation as it was approaching 10%.  To say this is high is understating the matter.  His total came in as Da Horsey recalls over 8%.  The Acting Mayor has had so many close elections in her short electoral career she probably needs several drinks just to discuss it.

For historical comparison, let’s take a look at the NJ State percentages for absentee ballots in recent elections.  If you click on the link, you can see over several years the numbers have typically fallen between a range of .03 to .06 on average year to year.  So what does that tell you about Hoboken and where this process is heading statewide?
Well you can look at Minnesota as a recent example of bad mojo when the election is tight. Most people are not aware even if they followed that election the role ACORN played in bringing large numbers to the final vote tallies.  If the statewide election is close as some suspect, the absentee ballots will be the decider and without a doubt there will be a great amount of suspicion.  In Minnesota it took months to sort out and legal challenges went on and on. Hopefully the margin of victory will fall outside the balance of any outstanding absentee ballots putting the whole vote into question.  But it’s happened before in the early 80s and some suspect with the laws being so permissive for absentee ballot voting, fraud could enter into the equation.

Here the word on the street is that Pupie has the best get out the absentee vote operation.  He’s been quoted by third parties for bragging he put Peter Cammarano over the top.  There’s some crazy numbers floating out unconfirmed suggesting  his absentee ballots go well into four figures.  So far we’ve heard exactly the same crazy figure from two different sources. Rumors travel fast in Hoboken.  We’re not specifying the number because you’d think us crazy too.  Crossing our horseshoes absentees play no outcome in either Hoboken or the statewide Governor’s race.

Let’s hope not.  But if it does, you heard it here first.

P.S.  We just got an email reminding us to vote.  We’re not naming the candidate either.

P.S.S. If anyone other than the poll worker ask for any information, you do not need to answer.  They are challengers and may challenge with a paper process to follow, then the poll workers decide your eligibility.  But there’s already been reports of too much chuminess between the two.  They are not even allowed to question you.

Okay back to our main story, GOTV (Get out the Vote).

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