Grist for the Mill: Carmelitos plan ambush on planning group award to Mayor Zimmer tonight

Coming on the heels of the award to Mayor Zimmer in New York City as “Hero of the Harbor,” for her “extraordinary leadership and courage” managing post Hurricane Sandy another award scheduled to be presented tonight in the City Council meeting by the American Planning Association is set to be ambushed.

This award scheduled to be made to Mayor Zimmer in the last City Council meeting before the November 5th municipal election will be attacked by a band of Carmelitos according to reliable sources.

The Carmelitos, a small group of Hoboken Housing Authority residents are the spokespeople/acolytes prompted behind the scenes by Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and his controlled HHA “tenant” groups. Of course, to a person they are proponents of the Vision 20/20 plan Garcia who they believe will see all the existing projects torn down with the Carmelitos first and foremost moved into brand new public housing.

Among the problems with the controversial Vision 20/20 bill of goods in a months long bad sell job: there’s no (Master) plan. Worse for HHA residents, there’s no Federally backed “HHA Bill of Rights” other than a citation of same from a non-binding years old marketing brochure.

Then there’s the civil lawsuit Garcia launched against the City naming the mayor, her husband and an HHA commissioner as being behind “ethnic cleansing” for not surrendering in approving a blank check for his “plan.”

Secret recordings are not enough? A protest by a band of Carmelitos against Mayor Zimmer receiving an award
from the American Planning Association is set for tonight.  Smell a rat?

In recent weeks, at least one Carmelito who repeatedly screamed at public meeting microphones for Vision 20/20 saw a move from downtown to a large, spacious uptown HHA controlled apartment making some of her neighbors envious with her special treatment.  It’s been part of the rewards and punishments made clear to those in the HHA who are accustomed to such blatant abuses of power.

It’s been made clear to Jessica Coco based on her account.  After her suspected opposition to Vision 20/20, she reported a series of criminal acts against her including vandalism, break-ins, burglary, computer hacking and death threats at the last council meeting.  She was immediately beset upon by a HHA “tenant representative” who sprang into attack calling all the incidents part of Coco’s “fantasy land,” followed with a blanket denial by Garcia himself who said none of the events occurred.

MSV followed with an exclusive confirming some of Coco’s account.

Enter the Carmelitos for one last desperate, loud, ugly scene at tonight’s City Council meeting.
Thank you very much Mr. Carmelo!

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