Flash mob @ City Council tonight @ 7:00?

Part I:

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Tonight’s City Council meeting is the finale before the November 5th mayoral and council at-large election.  Meaning there will be some hard objects and harsh words flying around.

There’s also a last desperate bid on tap to attack the mayor by a rabid group of directed Carmelitos rumored to be in the offing.

You may have heard about the coordinated political attacks orchestrated by Councilwoman Beth Mason and her Old Guard political operatives coordinated with local media – what MSV has previously deemed the Mason Media Complex.  All this noise is a mere web of lies wrapped around smoke with not a dime benefitting either Councilman Ravi Bhalla who is up for election in November or his new employer Florio Perrucci.  (The firm is not pursuing any new work with the City of Hoboken and has none ongoing whatsoever.)
There has been lots of buying and actual selling in Hoboken but not solely for legal goods and services. There’s offices such as the former Hoboken municipal prosecutor and “journalists” who put themselves on the market and/or put their wares up for sale to the highest bedder, bidder.  Questions of when monies were cashed, under what circumstances is a murky swamp these hooves don’t swim in. Yet.
It’s not that they so readily sell out this community; it’s they are so willing to do so… so cheaply.
The relentless fabrications what Beth Mason herself incorrectly calls defamation against Councilman Ravi Bhalla are disgraceful but the attacks on Corporation Counsel Mellisa Longo by the Masonista sponsored Hoboken411 are a new low.

Hey, that’s how Beth Mason rolls. She’s been doing this to people directly and indirectly by her paid surrogates for years.  (See bludiamonds.)  Rather then turning a blind eye, Da Horsey locked in on this game back in 2009  in a Horse Sense editorial.

The media cover is a “he said, she said,” blind eye form of non-journalism. It allows the monied and unprincipled to “get out their message” and do personal, political if not professional harm to others.  All an editor needs to do is deem it newsworthy.

Of course utterly discredited fascist vehicles such as Hoboken411 don’t even have an editor to pull that trigger.  It’s a mercenary owner taking ghostwritten defamation against the “enemy of the day” and pumping out the lies to an unsuspecting public one after another. Note in the email Beth Mason sent to the Council President she includes Hoboken411 as one of her media approved news outlets.

As bludiamonds confessed, the Masonistas defamed everyone for years and proclaim it “transparency.”
No one until MSV arrived even thought it was a story. Now when voices elevate online their thing is to proclaim their victimization.  You’ve never seen so much crying about a little sunlight arriving when they’re whimpering “lies, falsehood, propaganda” and yes “defamation.”

It’s all about who’s selling out and who is cutting the checks. There’s always a short line of new fresh scrubbed faces willing to sell this town out for a song.  As one commenter described them, they’re nothing but the newest group of patsies.

On November 5th, it’s up to you to act accordingly.

For those interested in policy, here’s tonight’s agenda.

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