The return of bludiamonds, Counte$$, her racism and “b.s.”

The following email was sent yesterday by Councilwoman Beth Mason to Council President Peter Cunningham and numerous local media sources.

A guest piece from bludiamonds with an intimate relationship not as a political operative with the Mason Media Complex obtained the email from an uptown based media friend and issued this guest piece announcing its resignation over the sordid Old Guard “Raavee Affair.”

The below email is true and original minus one city employee change:

Subject: Re: FW: Revised Resolution

Dear Council President, 

I am in receipt of your Memorandum.  It is unfortunate for the city you have not learned the meaning of defamation.   Defamation is a false communication.  Nothing included in the resolution was false. The resolution was accompanied by 35 pages of documentation to support the claims made in the resolution to reduce the possibility for you to discredit its viability and cover up further misuse of taxpayer funds. 
For an example of defamation, you can visit the blogs of the two individuals, who serve as the propaganda arm for you and the Zimmer Administration.  These individuals are being sued for $2 million.  One of which you paid to serve as the web administrator to your website.
I appreciate your effort to disclose these activities and I am sure you will agree that this should be available to the press.

Councilwoman Beth Mason

The nutty fruit, bludiamonds issued the following reply/resignation:

Dear Counte$$:
I hereby tender my resignation as your loyal minion.
We’ve had some good times, it’s true. I can’t say I haven’t
enjoyed years of offering you my friendship. For which you have, of course,
never paid me one penny. Sure, I have always held out hope that I may help you
rise to higher office. Upon which of course I would never have sought any sworn
position. And we’ve had plenty of fun along the way. The purple pillows, the
411 character assassination – remember when we accused Cunningham of profiteering
through his muni-bond business? – the barrels of laughs with those e-mails, and
how about that time you reordered the public-speakers list as council president
so I could have the last word? It’s been a true adventure, dearest Counte$$, to
say the least.
Speaking of Cunningham, remember that time we ensnared him
in the trumped-up Condon scandal you’re still clubbing Bhalla over the head
with, and you attacked Peter’s empty chair at the council meeting while he was
away attending his mother-in-law’s funeral? That was AWESOME! That was dirty
pool I can get behind.
Remember when we had to discredit your former legislative
aide, the evil traitor Ann Holtzman, and slimed her with allegations of doling
out political favors from the Zoning Office? CLASSIC! What some call defamation,
we call transparency! After all, if you’re not in it to win it, what’s the
point? Trying to destroy Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo’s professional
reputation because she won’t bend to your will? You go, girl! You are, after
all, the one, true Counte$$.
All that said, I’m afraid I must hang up my dapper
douchebaggery for the last time and bid thee farewell. To be perfectly Frank,
(with no pun intended to your new partner in crime) I think I’ve proven to be
pretty much the antithesis of squeamish when it comes to political operative
bottom feeding. I don’t think there’s any low point the bar can sink to that I
can’t limbo under. Except racism.
Counte$$, I cannot condone racism. Sure, I play a little
race-BAITING here and there, like when I drop the reference to people with “vowels
at the end of their name.” And anti-Semitism is fair game. After all, Mayor
Stan does, in fact, deal in blood diamonds, and I truly believe he was warned
off dealing with Solomon Dwek by his “professional network.” Otherwise, he
would have been cell mates with the Hon. Mayor Peter Cammarano, who was not so
fortunate as to have “ethnic ties” to the FBI informant. And by the way, if
Dawn Zimmer didn’t kill the messiah, can you tell me who did? Yeah, didn’t
think so.
But this stuff you’re doing with Ravi Bhalla is a little
different, as far as racial politics goes. Let’s be honest, this is real,
actual, bona fide racism. Counte$$, I never signed up for that, and that’s where
even I, Dr. Douche himself, your loyal lackey, must draw the line.
Before I go any further, let me be clear about one thing – I
DESPISE Ravi Bhalla. Just as I despise Dawn Zimmer, David Mello, Peter
Cunningham, Carol Marsh, as well as, it goes without saying, my arch-nemesis
LENZLENZLENZ, and the whole happy little hypocrite family of “reformers” who
are really just Zimmerists sellouts trying to take this town away from the REAL
people of Hoboken – in other words, people with whom I might have the potential
for future leverage, if you get my meaning.
Ravi is one of the villains in my narrative, and as such, I
am more than a little displeased that you, dearest Counte$$, have placed me in
a position in which I have no choice but to defend my sworn enemy. But so ‘tis.
Going after “Dual Job Dawn” is a perfectly legitimate negative-campaign
strategy, as is all your “stuff” we’ve strewn against your enemies real or imagined – we just dared anyone to imagine opposing you! Even attacking the Zimmer council slate as a bunch of braindead
rubberstamps is something I masterminded eagerly. But to single out just one of
them – look, I get it, the angle you see is to pick off a council seat and get
your purple pillow back in that president’s chair. But why not go with a truly
vulnerable candidate, like Doyle, who lacks the advantage of incumbency?
But no, you’ve got to go full throttle after Ravi,
characterizing him as a money grubbing outlander who’s here to “take our stuff”
but isn’t really “one of us.” I mean, it’s just a little too glaringly obvious.
A little too loud of a dog whistle singing “let’s whip people up against the
guy with the turban, we can’t trust him!” Well, he’s darker than most of us and
who knows, he might be a terrorist.
In short, it’s a little too racist.
I know, I know, it’s not all you. Perry, Jimmy and Ruben
have done plenty to fan the racial flames against Ravi this election cycle,
too. But let’s face it, they’re hoodlums. That kind of crap is what they know,
it’s who they are. I thought you were better. I thought you had a touch of
class beneath your rough edges. I thought, beneath that cross around your neck
beats a heart of… well, aluminum, at least?
Well, I was mistaken but as you know never wrong. And now,
dearest Counte$$, I bid you farewell, as I go off to find some new master to
serve in my quest for importance in this town of ours. A master who does not
condone racism, that is.
By your own definition as it pertains to your racist
resolution, “Defamation is false communication.”
And I couldn’t agree more! False communication as a means to slay our enemies
is what we’ve always done best, you and I. But this Bhalla stuff… this goes
beyond false communication to the
kind of rhetoric designed to foment hate crime. At a time when Sikh Americans
are still being assaulted by angry mobs out of ignorance and xenophobia, even
I, the Dapper Douche, cannot be party to such an obvious attempt to whip up the
worst in an uninformed public. I hope someday you can understand.
As per our agreement, I will not be billing you one penny
for my friendship. For everything else, however, the due date will be at the
bottom of the invoice, as usual.
All the best to you, dearest Counte$$.
With nothing but the fondest, softest purple memories,



Talking Ed Note: At the last City Council meeting, an ordinance on the agenda for months to accept a $2.7 million gift for repairs to Pier A finally was finally up for a vote.  Councilwoman Jen Giattino making closing remarks is interrupted by Beth Mason who mutters “bullshit.”

The ordinance passed easily with Beth Mason abstaining.

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