Grist for the Mill: Brian Stack on Carmelo Garcia’s secret tapings “I don’t know what anyone does”

State Senator Brian Stack makes secret visit to Hoboken in HHA on Marshall Drive

Some may be surprised to know Hoboken’s population now exceeds 52,000.  Others may be equally surprised its State Senator and neighbor in the form of Union City Mayor Brian Stack made an unannounced visit into Hoboken yesterday afternoon.

The destination was the location of recent controversies and the person in its center – Stack’s Assembly running mate Carmelo Garcia in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Along with most of Hoboken’s residents, no City officials appeared or apparently knew about the unofficial run down the Union City hill in the back of town.

Twenty HHA residents attended the oddly announced meeting with State Senator Brian Stack on Tuesday.  According to sources, flyers were haphazardly put out in a distribution by HHA employees.  It’s not clear how the distribution was structured and Carmelo Garcia the embattled Executive Director was out of town.

Stack was asked by a member of the HHA tenant group “Save the Projects” if he approved of his running mate Carmelo Garcia who tapes political figures to “set them up” and accused the mayor of “ethnic cleansing” even while it was Garcia who deceived Applied Housing tenants to get them out of low and moderate income buildings, almost all Hispanic minorities.

The same resident who is a member in the HHA tenant group STP (Save the Projects) then asked Stack if it was okay for Garcia to “threaten people who question Vision 20/20” with eviction, bodily harm and vandalism to their property?

“I don’t know that to be a fact,” Stack said who avoided speaking to the specifics.

“You should know.  He’s your running mate. Don’t you read the papers?” he was told.

Stack replied skirting the questions saying, “I can’t speak to what anyone else does… To be honest with you I don’t know what anyone does 24-7…  I have no idea.”

Stack was also questioned why a public meeting was not noticed widely to Hoboken residents.  Stack said he thought flyers were put under doors (of  HHA residents).

Hudson County TV’s John Henis caught an early part of Brian Stack’s visit:

Talking Ed Note: He doesn’t know?

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