FinBoy’s death on NYC subway a hoax!

Finboy death “staged” in uncovered Bet Mazin political operation

In what one political observer is calling a desperate bid to revive a failed political consulting career, new evidence has emerged reports of FinBoy’s untimely death on a NYC subway are in fact part of an elaborate hoax.

One NYC subway rider alleges they witnessed from an adjacent car an apparent staged set up (not of the Carmelo Garcia secret taping kind) where FinBoy rolled over on his back, belly up posing for cameras. Later a press release to the HudCo Reporter, a reliable source which conspires with advertiser Bet Mazin announced the death per her instruction.  The HudCo Reporter has never revealed the extensive relationships with Bet Mazin political operatives and its role in political conspiracies using the HudCo courts.

One insider said, “All the money dried up for the stupid fish in the county.  The Mazin family wanted to distance themselves from all the failure FinBoy brought upon them so they agreed to sponsor the hoax.  You see what crap they’ve been feeding the Mazin Media Complex? They have them doing features on the daughter’s synchronized swimming exhibitions with sea monkeys.”

Another Mazin political operative said of the latest imploding political operation, “I always told Bet he was no good and he needs to go from her permanent campaign. I warned her, she will not win or be allowed to buy any political office if she doesn’t listen to me and get rid of him.”

As for Finboy, the long time Mazin political operative added, “He’s done a number of improper things which I do not approve.  He tried to circumvent my ghostwriting editorial control on Hobroken411.  He’ll do anything to stay on the Mazin family payroll and has shown no workable plan to see Bet made a US Senator.”

Another successful Bet Mazin political operation? FinBoy takes a break on a NYC subway
with a cig and a Red Bull where an elaborate hoax of his death was staged.

FinBoy’s father, who neither admits nor denies he spawned the Weehawken bottom feeder was angered upon hearing the news. “If I see the little creep again, I’ll hook, line and gut the little bastard myself,” he yelled before slamming down the phone.

A FinBoy associate said he’s babysitting a pupie larvae hatching which will be used to infect and take over the Hrubyn Amos campaign.  “We’re almost there,” the associate said.  “One way or another Bet Mazin is going to buy up every cheap political crook in Hobroken and then when she gets the power she so badly craves, she’s going to deliver some payback to the people of this town who wouldn’t let her be mayor.”

“She’s still really pissed about that hospital being open,” he said with a smirk adding, “She’s reviewing a final plan where she sues all 52,000 Hoboken residents so her and Mikie Squared can overthrow the mayor and take over City Hall.  First thing she’s putting in is an astronomical hospital tax but they’re calling it a hospital death tax to finish them off and close the doors.”

Finboy could not be reached for comment.

Photo courtesy Juan D Cano
It’s satire, helloooo?

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