Carmelo Garcia pinned down on Vision 20/20, eviction attempts against residents

Interview with Hudson County TV reveals disparities in Carmelo Garcia’s positions

A video interview held with Carmelo Garcia by Hudson County TV reveals some interesting positions, bluntly stated – ones at disparity with the truth.  Well when one is self-proclaimed “destined for greatness” as Garcia is captured in his own secret recordings on transcript saying in January, what’s a few whoppers along the way?

In this revealing interview, Carmelo Garcia tells some tall tales.  He’s asked point blank about not having a true comprehensive plan for Vision 20/20 and that what he is putting forward is dated (back to 2010).

Garcia’s point blank denies that reality and trumpets again the very same 2010 brochure – a concept document that is no definitive plan at all.

In fact the 2010 Vision 20/20 brochure is merely a listing of possible options (including the Jersey City model) but does detail one approach as MSV stated originally: Vision 20/20 would more than double the size of the downtown HHA campus.

There is as a matter of record no redevelopment plan, nothing legally binding on the talked about Vision 20/20 plan spoken of by Carmelo Garcia in voluminous amounts at all.  Here’s the interview where Garcia is pinned down with his unfortunate answer.

There it is in full color. Carmelo Garcia is caught claiming a 2010 brochure, a concept plan is a full fledged legitimate plan in 2013.  That brochure doesn’t remotely qualify being a redevelopment plan but Garcia has vowed to “go on tour” to convince Hoboken residents otherwise.

Garcia clearly believes he is “destined for greatness” (and Vision Money/Money riches) so why should 52,000 Hoboken residents get in the way even if it collectively demands a real plan for evaluation?

Also in the video, Carmelo Garcia attempts to blame a member of the tenant group STP (Save the Projects) for flyers the group says it has no connection to at all.  After the group put out one flyer other flyers would appear the group says were designed to appear written by them but weren’t.  At least one of the phony flyers had an NAACP logo.

Eugene Drayton who heads the Hoboken chapter of the NAACP met with Carmelo Garcia on Vision 20/20 and suddenly decided he would seek criminal prosecution for a piece of paper.  He went to the Hoboken Police Department and filed a claim against the flyer, apparently for improper use of the NAACP logo on behalf of the national organization.

Why would the Hoboken Police Department allow a criminal complaint be filed by someone about a logo?  Why does Carmelo Garcia point the finger improperly against the HHA resident?

The video also has Garcia denying any eviction notice was issued for “illegal” posting of flyers.  Two members of the HHA said after the one Save the Projects flyer was posted they were given eviction notices – as reported in the Hudson Reporter.  (Carmelo Garcia reportedly had ALL the papers that weekend tossed into the incinerator.)  One resident, Jessica Coco went on the record for the group with the Hudson Reporter and alleges a series of threats, intimidation and vandalism against her and her property.

Ms. Coco says a HHA employee put an eviction notice under her door and demanded she sign it.  She looked at the document and the reason for eviction was noted as “other” with flyers written in.  She refused and shoved it back under the door.  When she went two days later to the HHA office, she asked for a copy of her eviction notice and it was replaced with a “cease and desist” order from HHA attorney Charles Daglian.

Grafix Avenger broke this story too with a first hand account alleging harassment against a Hispanic woman who believes Vision 20/20 nor Carmelo Garcia are on the up and up:

I didn’t even talk to anyone about Vision2020 or anything. Other people were involved, but I wasn’t. I only recently got involved. However, after the incidents of this morning, I now know they were involved. The Housing Site manager came to my door demanding I sign a statement or otherwise I would be evicted immediately. I told her I won’t open my door, but to slide to the clipboard. The form said it was a notice of service for eviction the section marked other was checked and it read in tiny writing something to the effect of: I claim sole responsibility for putting out lying, misleading flyers. I threw the clipboard back, which was stupid on my part. When I asked why I was being served, she told me they knew from day 1 last year I was involved, because…   She was embarrassed. She was put up to say this. A maintenance man who is friendly to me & fears losing his job approached me yesterday. He commented to me about the door. Said they broke into my apt, too last month when I wasn’t home, but didn’t find anything, except a *****  they confiscated. In fact, I cannot find the **** and there’s also a ***** missing… There maybe other things, but I haven’t noticed anything else, yet. He told me there are millions going down, he’s going to evict you, damage your vehicle, break your arm, and set you up as an example to others.

Then again, this is the same Carmelo Garcia who makes a legal claim the mayor has put out her own Vision 20/20 plan.  He claims this sight unseen plan is designed for ethnic cleansing of minorities.

However it was Carmelo Garcia who took to the stage at Hoboken High School backing Applied Housing in November 2000 to reduce low to moderate income housing from a government mandated amount of 90% down to 30%.

Leading a rally reminiscent of a totalitarian regime, Garcia urged residents to sign petitions which would lead to their own displacement. He did so jovially while yelling “Viva Applied!” Those in and outside Hoboken who tried to aid the mostly Hispanic Hoboken residents from being pushed out were called “interlopers.”

Talking Ed Note: Here’s the November 2000 story detailing Carmelo Garcia’s work on behalf of Applied against Hispanic residents.

Combining that historical reality with the latest contradictions in the Hudson County TV interview and the latest revelations about Carmelo Garcia captured in his own words, who do you believe: Garcia or the HHA residents opposing Vision 20/20?

Who are the City Council members who have supported this Vision 20/20 canard on the people of Hoboken from the get go: Michael Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.

The same Tim Occhipinti who is rumored to be atop Frank “Pupie” Raia’s emerging third slate for Hoboken’s November elections.

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