Poser Magazine: the Inaugural Issue with Councilman Michael Russo

The blowback from the 9-11 Memorial vote where the Hudson Sopranos shot down approval flexing their muscle from blocking Jim Doyle’s council appointment is reverberating around town.  A brand new satirical magazine just published on Grafix Avenger introduces Councilman Michael Russo in a new light to his legion of fans in the third ward and beyond.

This should help folks understand what’s truly important to the third ward councilman.

In this issue of Poser Magazine:

  • City Councilmen who pose for pix then cry about it
  • Shutting down Pier C Park for Fun
  • What to wear when you vote NO on a 9-11 Memorial
  • Grifting or Sex: Which is more satisfying
  • Public housing for the well off: Why Not?

Don’t miss this important issue.  Place your order at Grafix Avenger now!

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