Grist for the Mill: And now Bhalla Administration conflicts hit Easter Seals

Is there nothing the Ravi Bhalla Administration can reach out and touch that doesn’t descend into conflicts, shady backroom deals or an outright ethical quagmire?

Where one conflict-laden wart recedes another quickly emerges. This time the spotlight is on the latest Administration search for self-adulatory headlines with a potential office opening in Hoboken for the charity, Easter Seals.

Nine months into this administration and it’s bloody exhausting trying to keep up with all the conflicts arising. Now a charity is snared by the ethically challenged Ravi Bhalla administration looking to snatch more easy headlines by proclaiming homelessness ended in our time with an Easter Seals office.

Sadly, this Easter Seals office move to Hoboken has already devolved into a conflicted mess filled with lies and misinformation from the usual Ravibot clowns before Hoboken can learn the real facts.

It’s Ravi Bhalla’s seal of approval featuring Nancy Pincus and John Allen using a
charity to inflict more conflict-fueled fabrications.

When the Easter Seals story in Hoboken is told, it will reveal no-bid low-cost rental efforts centered around the mayor’s Chief of Staff, John Allen, who sits on the board of the same charity.  His conflicted lobbying to the council is the order of the day. Let’s avoid the illicit money coming and going through his non-existent candidate account for the moment involving the same charity.

So too, let’s avoid the rank stupidity of gluttonous lying at the Cave; they can’t even come up with a coherent lie to explain why a letter went out to developers from the planning board chair with a  recommended list of lawyers. Equally questionable, there’s been no official explanation from any relevant party including Ravi Bhalla and the mayor’s office. And no, service to Beth Mason doesn’t amount to decades of service to good government in Hoboken.

For the moment, it’s all zombie-like lies and misinformation being churned about Easter Seals opening an office in Hoboken. The sewerage flows out of the mayor’s office repeated as gospel by Nancy Pincus at Sybil’s Cave about an Easter Seals office is merely the latest example of a Hate411 effort gone sour. (No matter how often she gets her ass handed to her flagged in blatant lies, she comes back issuing more abusive and misleading canards fed to her straight out of the mayor’s office and the witlessly challenged Numbers Cruncher/Shadowstan.) It’s much the same for Nora Debenedetto, a Democratic Committee seat holder who clearly relishes lying about Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Both Pincus and Debenedetto had their ugly lies around Easter Seals opening a potential office in Hoboken tossed back in their face on the councilwoman’s Facebook page. It’s not pretty but the Ravibot denseness and utter vapidity is what it is. With these people, it’s like an Old Guard Masonic revival. No lie is too far and the Ravibot fanaticism rears an ugly face like clockwork.

Here we are nine months into the administration following Dawn Zimmer and the Old Guard behaviors are self-evident. When the actual story on the Easter Seals’ conflict-fueled debacle to open an office in Hoboken is revisited here, the full truth won’t be pretty.

“Abandon Hope all ye who enter here” at Sybil’s Cave, the online source for fabrications, misinformation and outright Ravibot stupidity. The latest Ravibot screed of lies is about Easter Seals looking to move its existing office to Hoboken. 

Talking Ed Note: Add to the reporting on the Hoboken Planning Board Chair’s howler of a letter recommending lawyers to developers.

Of note, Mayor Ravi Bhalla remains silent on the revelations and his office merely points to the City Council as the authority on the removal of a commissioner. Councilman Jim Doyle is the first Bhalla insider to officially weigh in with any comment.

Speaking for the vaporous Ravi Bhalla group known as “we,” Doyle offered, “We feel that the fact that certain councilpersons have historically been openly hostile to Mr. Holtzman as well as his wife…. may have clouded their judgment and perhaps served as much of a motivating force in this instance as the facts on the ground did.”

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher sharply rebutted the Doyle perhaps/may have non-statement saying, “Mr. Doyle is a historical revisionist who has tried in the past to diminish Mr. Holtzman’s role. This isn’t politics, it is Land Use 101 with consensus from professionals that Mr. Holtman’s conduct was a material ethical breach.”

That’s going to leave a mark.

Councilwoman Fisher was pointing to Doyle’s longstanding efforts to see Gary Holtzman removed as chair of the Hoboken Planning Board long before a letter to developers emerged of a lawyer’s recommended list horrifying the land use legal community.

Hey Jim, don’t you know a legal beagle close by who would share that horrified legal perspective? She might even know a thing or two about land use and zoning. (Cough, cough)

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