Easter Seals lease questions lead to paid political operative ugly

What happens when a Ravi Bhalla paid political operative is caught lying and tries to point the finger?

The questions raised at the last City Council meeting in a proposed lease for Easter Seals have nothing to do with hating or warring on a charity, Ravi Bhalla or beating baby seals.

As seen in the complete, unedited video, a few legal and policy questions are raised about executing a lease with an entity in litigation with the City of Hoboken and the relationship with Mayor Bhalla’s Chief of Staff John Allen connected to Easter Seals.

An inquiry questions the indirect matter of his possible illicit raising of campaign funds and the process of how other charities may or may not have been given equal if any consideration.

Those questions are raised by Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher after the Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia agrees that the issue will be postponed pending probable “changes” on the lease. Echoed and heard again in the background on the dais is confirmation Aloia is heard with the stated “there’s probably changes.”

None of these material facts brought to light here are even remotely admitted to let alone addressed by Ravi Bhalla’s fanatical paid political operative Nancy Pincus.

That’s just the typical fabricating hysteria of a kook people expect from Nancy Pincus. It’s the same Nancy Pincus who appeared in this Al Jazeera propaganda video last November. The dopey plot line said Ravi Bhalla couldn’t walk in Hoboken without being subjected to hugs.

Who do you think is the first person seen in the propaganda video hugging it out with Ravi Bhalla? Here’s an actual outtake from Al Jazeera starring the ridiculous operative kook Nancy Pincus.

Ravi do I get more campaign loot for doing this
Al Jazeera propaganda video? 

Now that’s paid political operative devotion! 

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher supports charities such as Easter Seals and its efforts aiding people such as those with Multiple Sclerosis. She’s been actively contributing and supporting those efforts. Her mom is disabled with MS.

Let’s see what new ugly lies Nancy Pincus will make from that. She’s gone far below any of the garbage put out at Hoboken411 in its heyday. Sad.

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