Grafix Avenger: All I want for Christmas is more turkey

Grafix Avenger who has irritated more than her fair share of the Old Guard especially their convert Beth Mason penned her latest satiric howler “FBI Letter no. 10” and it’s scalding hot under the lights.

It’s unclear if the turkey in question is in fact the Hub MSV noted in last week’s premium content but in the end it makes little difference.  The fowl creature in her letter is noted for having the heat gradually increased until it squealed giving up other fowl creatures.  With all the Old Guard turkeys wandering about, it’s a target rich environment. 
Tim Occhipinti the occupant of the 4th ward council seat contacted the police last summer complaining about an earlier satirical FBI letter calling it a “credible threat.” Letter no. 10 does indeed sound like a credible threat but what does the Old Guard do under the circumstances as they are the fowl in the FBI’s sights?
Okay Tim, sit by the phone for further instructions and a binder should be arriving shortly.  Or not.

So prosbus, tell us when you first started
getting information from “the Hub.”
Talking Ed Grist for the Mill Note:  The Old Guard likes having the Mason wallet available but after cashing in and making a ruckus on everything from the hospital sale to the budget surplus, behind the scenes they are less than kind hearted in talking about the 2nd ward Councilwoman.
In addition to saying she has no voting base, they add they don’t like her.  Some “allies” say far worse.
Color Da Horsey shocked.

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