HAPP’s launches new interactive website for pre-school parents

Hoboken Association for Pre-school Parents (“HAPP’s”) launches new interactive website ( just in time for the 2012-13 preschool admissions and enrollment period.
The Hoboken Association for Pre-school Parents (HAPP’s) has launched a new website ( that includes tools to help parents make decisions about the 2012-13 school year.  The application process for most preschools runs from December – March; HAPP’s provides a consolidated listing for open houses, school locations on a customized map, and comparative data such as application deadlines and toilet training requirements.  There is also information for parents transitioning from preschool to Kindergarten. The HAPP’s website saves parents time and effort by providing comprehensive admission information in a “one-stop shop” format. The site also offers an insider glimpse into the experiences of parents with children currently enrolled in various programs via a unique forum.
The HAPP’s website also includes community building tools including:
  • The latest updates and news from the Hoboken Board of Education and Early Childhood program
  • Relevant news from a variety of local and state resources
  • A showcase to post pictures of kids, their art projects, and their schools
  • A forum to ask questions and receive answers from other parents 
About HAPP’s
Julie Steinberg founded HAPP’s in the summer of 2011 as a google group for parents with children in the Hoboken early childhood program.  Since then, it has expanded to cover the broader preschool community in Hoboken.   
This group is a volunteer organization operating independently of the Hoboken Board of Education.
HAPP’s mission is to (1) keep the parents of children enrolled in the Hoboken public early childhood program informed on all relevant matters, meetings, and events, and (2) facilitate online and offline community building for pre-school parents and their families.   
All are welcome, including families in the public, charter, and private early childhood education communities. Please visit us at
For more information, contact Julie Steinberg at

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