Beth Mason: ‘Interfering with City legal matters is in my DNA’

Beth Mason is back and interjecting herself into another active legal matter facing the City but this one isn’t the active FBI investigation, it’s a sexual harassment claim by a Hoboken Parking Utility employee against her supervisors.

City Council members do not manage active litigation on personnel matters against the City of Hoboken but Beth Mason is making political hay on the suit.   While the City has not been served, the civil litigation was filed in Superior Court.

Councilwoman Beth Mason who receives a taxpayer paid salary as nine other members of the City Council issued a press release on the pending litigation below.  No other City Council member has commented let alone issued a press release on a pending suit against the City.

Last summer, in her abbreviated term as chair of the City Council, Beth Mason sponsored a resolution to see released tens of thousands of emails between the mayor’s office and a list of media sources.  Atop her target list: three Reform oriented good governance websites: The Hoboken Journal, Grafix Avenger and Mile Square View.

The investigation of the City Hall Data Theft Ring by the FBI continues with IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi arrested and at least several current and former City officials involved but not named. The FBI criminal complaint states Ricciardi began his massive looting of the mayor’s office communication in early 2010 – the exact timeframe and information sought by Beth Mason and Michael Russo in their resolution.

At the last City Council meeting, MSV spoke in public portion and stated Councilwoman Beth Mason and Michael Russo had been asked repeatedly over months to answer yes or no if they had seen any of the emails requested in their resolution originally issued in April a full month before the FBI began their investigation at City Hall.  Mason interrupted at least a half-dozen times finally voicing a denial.

After Patrick Ricciardi’s arrest Michael Russo told Hoboken Now he did not receive emails from the IT Manager and Beth Mason is now on the record claiming she did not see them.

Talking Ed Note:  Since a series of press releases leading into the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center, local media often ignore Beth Mason’s releases in their entirety.  MSV is releasing this one so the full Hoboken public can see what Beth Mason is doing in yet another active ongoing legal matter involving the City.

Hoboken411, the heavily censored website where Beth Mason runs her political operations has not been posting her releases regularly either.

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