Municipal Garage Bond Ordinance – redo

Once again, the bond ordinance to protect the city’s interests on the existing Municipal Garage is front and center at tonight’s City Council meeting.  Doing so could lead to the garage staying where it is but some people on both sides of the City Council table don’t appear to like that potential option happening either.

There will be lots of questions and discussion also about the new locations as well but let’s state the obvious once again – one has nothing to do with the other.

Or perhaps Councilwoman Mason will continue to tell us otherwise.  Please don’t.

Rock group, The Fixx speaks about the deception in one thing leading to another.  But Beth you don’t have to, just do what’s right for Hoboken.

The Jolly Green Giant will be back covering the meeting live with the all powerful Cover It Live software adding humor to what could be a trying evening.

See you there at 7:00 –


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