Who was making requests for confidential information out of the mayor’s office?


Fingerprints left at the scene of the crime may be uncovered identifying those who made OPRA requests

When Arch Liston stated Friday confidential information arriving on his desk only “one or two days,” led to OPRA requests for the exact same information over months, alarm bells went off all over the city.

With the FBI Date Theft Ring on the table front and center in Hoboken once again, the question on everyone’s lips is the same.  Who are the person(s) who made OPRA requests to the mayor’s office and/or Arch Liston for information they couldn’t possibly legally know about?

The repeated pattern of requests according to Liston occurred over months meaning a systematic pattern of ransacking the most sensitive information in the mayor’s office was being distributed to certain individuals on a regular basis.

Who was making requests of confidential information unknown to anyone but a handful within the mayor’s office?


In the above video from 2011, Beth Mason went into a tizzy after her grandstanding effort is disrupted by BA Arch Liston.  He makes it clear he’s not going to play a gotcha game on any request for information.

Liston stated he was more than available for requests on information prior to the meeting.  Mason doesn’t like the idea of making any requests without the cameras rolling as it’s counterproductive to her game.

During the brouhaha, Michael Russo blurts out about those emails, “We still haven’t gotten those either.”

But just prior to the resolutions co-sponsored by Beth Mason and Michael Russo seeking emails covering the exact timeline Ricciardi’s crime spree was running rampant, there were in fact OPRA requests being made on a regular basis for confidential documents within the mayor’s office.

Was this part of a blatant coordinated Old Guard effort pillaging and plundering the mayor’s office?

The issue of Mason “Opra-ing” other email is made by Liston.  With the testimony he gave Friday in Newark court, it’s apparently a problematic trail on confidential information being leaked from the mayor’s office.

Were people including well-known Old Guard political operatives filing OPRA requests for confidential information connected to Beth Mason?

That’s one of several two million dollar questions.

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