Threats, a fight and “vote-by-mail payments are illegal”

Ramos backer David Liebler details alleged encounter with Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan

The bad blood between campaigns bled over outside the political arena when Ramos campaign supporter David Liebler alleged an encounter on Washington Street yesterday with the campaign manager for the Raia-Mason slate Jamie Cryan.

Cryan who is friends with Tim Occhipinti, the occupant of the fourth ward seat once held by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, ran his controversial 2010 special election fourth ward campaign. Cryan was contacted for his version of events early this morning. For the moment here’s David Liebler detailing his account and complaining to Tim Occhipinti for “stabbing” Ruben Ramos in the back.

Ramos had backed Occhipinti in 2010.

Liebler said he had been challenged to a fight on Washington Street earlier that day by Jamie Cryan.
He asked for Jamie Cryan’s resignation after he was threatened to be “punched in the face,” and demanded an apology.

He added the conflict came from a friendly bet Ruben Ramos would defeat Tim Occhipinti in the race.
“Paying people for their vote-by-mail is illegal,” he said.  The HHA residents supporting Ruben Ramos in attendance were vocally supportive of his remarks.

Talking Ed Note: The back of the room was as much a player last night as the front of the room. On the whole better than expected but bad behavior from some, bad words and an assault on yours truly.

Ramos campaign supporter and Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore had his five minutes but he declined to conclude his remarks and he continued to attack his prey, “Ravee” Bhalla until the police had to remove him from the microphone.  He said he wouldn’t give up the mic until he was taken away. On this point, he was proven correct.

The award to Mayor Zimmer from the APA went off with two dozen people participating and no interference from the 12 Carmelitos in attendance. The behavior was model for more than an hour. The boss however was not as well behaved on his late arrival coordinated for a public portion appearance.

Carmelo Garcia gave grandiose remarks morphing into Al Sharpton as he demanded “respect” to present his Vision 20/20 brochure.  He was applauded by his fellow Ruben Ramos campaign supporter Councilman Michael Russo and a his familiar group of ten HHA residents who align with him.

He also appeared to have brought his “ethnic cleansing” lawyer.
Let me say again and for the record: Mr. Carmelo Garcia – keep your hands off me.

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