Here we go….

As it was said in the campaign, it really is time to turn the page.  And now is a good place to start.  If you haven’t already seen it, the jolly green giant himself has posted the video of the new Mayor Dawn Zimmer making her remarks after her blow out victory last night.  

This election strikes us as important on a number of levels.  First, for the second time in a row, Hoboken voters have shown a remarkable resilience to vote against the grain and not side with the big machine and big money candidates.  Is it due to Dawn Zimmer and her message and grace or is it something far larger?  Surely victory has a thousand friends (or more) and we’ll hear lots of reasons and of course spin as to why.  But really none of that matters for the moment.  The reality is this town has a lot to be proud of bouncing back from an absolutely awful time. (No we are not even going to mention the name.)  

We’ll have more to say later.  For the moment, we’re taken aback not from the blow out victory in a field of seven where the winner was vastly outspent by her two main rivals, but at the voters of Hoboken.  

We’d also like to again thank Judy Tripodi.  She allowed a humble pony to be a conduit to get just some basic facts to the public.  That’s an endorsement you just can’t buy.  Her and her team’s public service should not be overlooked in the process of Hoboken turning the page.

Congratulations to Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her family!

(Photo:  A family sits in Five Guys on Washington St. just before the polls close and showing their support.)

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