Carmelo Garcia slams Frank “Pupie” Raia in new secret taping revelation

Frank “Pupie” Raia’s goes under the bus as Carmelo Garcia slams him in his secret tape

Once again a new transcript revelation courtesy of Carmelo Garcia secret tape productions is making its way into the Hoboken summer ether.

This time it’s Frank “Pupie” Raia on the short end of Garcia’s self-proclaimed “destined for greatness” wrath.

In the latest transcript expose courtesy of Grafix Avenger, Carmelo Garcia unloads on Frank Raia calling him “a disgrace,” a “bully” and a “f@$%ing buffoon.”

In addition, Carmelo Garcia says he was told an operation to manufacture 750 vote-by-mail in the November 2012 elections was “flooded out,” with Hurricane Sandy although he informs his secret tape recorder he’s against it.

Back in 2011, Raia underwrote the BoE ticket that swept Kids First with Carmelo Garcia on the ballot. Although it appeared to be a record turnout of vote-by-mail, Garcia nor his running mates ever made a sound against the hundreds of vote-by-mails stacked in their column.

The latest transcript bomb exploded when Garcia’s secret recording of a midtown lunch with former State Senator Bernard Kenny and the mayor’s husband was obtained in evidence in Louis Zayas’ inopportune exposure with the Angel Alicea City discrimination lawsuit.  The transcript used in the Alicea case opened up multiple legal problems.

Now Garcia’s tape prowess is being exposed for everyone to see and the list of people he throws under the bus including his close friends Ruben Ramos and Joe Branco has a name added to the list.

“This is Carmelo ‘destined for greatness’ Garcia.
Testing, testing, Frank Raia is next to go under my bus.”

Read the new Carmelo Garcia secret transcript release at Grafix Avenger.

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Original Carmelo Garcia King Rat graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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