The Boys are back in town

Das Feds are poking around in Hoboken. Nerves are jangled, fear and trepidation in the air and political livelihoods among the Old Guard weigh in the balance.

The wreckage is only beginning to make its wake.

This time it isn’t the folks in Newark calling the shots: not the US Attorney’s Office nor the Department of Justice overlapping from down yonder.

This visit comes courtesy of the Southern District of New York from across the Hudson. Fabled personalities with one who eventually became New York mayor (and is one of several key insiders advising Donald Trump) and the current US Attorney in Preet Bharara who blew through the accepted corrupt practices in the state taking down former political powerhouse Shelly Silver.

Unlike the tepid results from the 2011 FBI investigation in Hoboken when the mayor’s office saw tens of thousands of emails systematically looted, New York’s US Attorney Office is the A team.

The Old Guard is less than thrilled with some of its core membership but how does one rambling motor mouth suddenly fall so eerily silent?

Well, the investigation into an alleged bank and wire fraud scheme employing car loans landed a lot of people in trouble and isn’t over. More likely, it’s only the beginning.

And one Hoboken Old Guard anti-hero knows he’s in trouble.

Carmelo Garcia (l) is all smiles in this photo with his “brother”
Chris Campos (r) but the Feds investigation on a car loan ring
alleging bank and wire fraud is no laughing matter.

Of the four publicized arrests, some of the alleged felons are being treated better than others. Deals will be cut and deliverables must be… delivered.

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Related: In 2013, MSV called on the Feds to come to Hoboken. They didn’t exactly burn up the roadways in getting here. This time, it’s the express boat arriving from across the Hudson.
Better late than never.

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