FBI to Hoboken: You’re completely surrounded, come out with your hands up!

With all the Harridan of Hudson Street SLAPP happy inferences of late, one could forget there are higher powers than one menace with access to a checkbook acting on any number of nefarious enterprises against the Hoboken community.  Some Boys of Summer news hit this week and unlike the NJ capital of Trenton, this is right in our backyard.

On Wednesday many may have not noticed the Boys of Summer struck with an arrest presenting a long list of charges against a North Bergen HHA official.  He’s facing 20 years and charges quite similar to ex-mayor and felon Peter Cammarano.  He however will not be graduating with the Class of 2009 as those in “The Jersey Sting.”

Not to worry, the Hudson County School of Corruption continues to churn out graduates at a steady clip and they are supported by a sturdy group of like minded political operatives who revel in offering comfort to one another as they target taxpayer loot and sometimes the taxpayers themselves.

On Thursday, the current mayor of West New York, Felix Roque was indicted according to a spokesman from the Newark Federal Attorney’s Office.  Those charges are pending and should be announced as early as today.
So why is this important Horsey?  Well desperate people are known to do desperate things.
From where we’re sitting, the Feds have struck repeatedly in recent months covering Jersey City (DCIA), Union City (HHA) and West New York.

Hoboken is completely surrounded.

When the surrenders begin, all we can ask is no plea be accepted without consideration for the full scope of damage done to the City of Hoboken, its institutions, and Hoboken people who have suffered at their hands for so long.
Lord hear our prayer.
From Hoboken to Newark to God’s ears.

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