Beth Mason’s legal threat a SLAPP at Hoboken?

Here’s the video of the last City Council meeting where a request to make the records public of Beth Mason’s Civic League “charity” led her to announcing “the verge of legal action.”

Listen to Da Horsey’s request and watch the first thing that comes out of Beth Mason’s mouth.

Perhaps the media will ask Beth Mason why her strange response here when asked to make records public on her two year old Mason Civic League charity that she is required to file with the IRS annually?

Perhaps the media can ask Beth Mason why she made a legal threat in a City Council meeting in reply to an inquiry from a constituent?

They could also ask Beth Mason why one of her Mason Civic League employees later made a similar public legal threat before multiple witnesses?

Then ask Beth Mason how far she is willing to go to SLAPP Hoboken residents?

Is that SLAPP happy Beth Mason? 

Talking Ed Note: For those who may have missed it, an official request for any 501(c)(3) charity can be made in numerous ways among them a request by visiting the headquarters, fax or email.

The requests for the Mason Civic League were made weeks before the City Council meeting to three different known email addresses for Beth Mason including her official City of Hoboken email.

Beth Mason’s claims here otherwise are not credible.  See the story above as one in the MSV series:

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