The dreams of Opening Day

What day is it today? Officially, it’s the filing deadline here in town signaling to the world of New Jersey to stay away: Hoboken is about to once again go crazy. It’s sort of akin to the end of spring training with Opening Day, when all baseball dreams are real and every team a contender.
Okay so not every campaign will be a contender but haven’t you seen all the happiness when they announce? The joy that dwells in the hearts of all candidates is there for everyone to see until the polling and political operatives are replaced with the stark reality of ballot counts. And recounts, and recriminations, and finger pointing….
As we await the 4:00 pm deadline to see who can muster the 100 petition signatures and get on the ballot for mayor of Hoboken, remember: there is no dream like the dream of being the chief, even if the pay has been reduced by Madam Acting Mayor to 115K. How much is it now worth?
To some, it’s worth spending similar to the payroll of the New York Yankees. To others, it can only be the payroll of the Oakland A’s. But they all share the dream.
Good luck and happy hunting.
Play Ball!

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