Beth Mason for Mayor ver. 2.0

As anticipated, Councilwoman Beth Mason made it official launching her second bid for Hoboken mayor this year in the November winner take all special election. As reported in Hoboken Now, she highlighted her overall decades of experience in both the private sector and government.
Emphasizing this experience, Councilwoman Mason spoke of combining her past work in open government including the legal efforts to make public Hoboken records held out of the public eye along with her vision of the future promising to lay out a 15 year workable fiscal plan for Hoboken. Her platform includes a focus on creating additional affordable housing, environmental enhancements/infrastructure and training City employees to make a stronger impact in all areas.
Speaking before about 50 of her supporters at the Brass Rail, Beth sought to differentiate herself from her main rival, the Acting Mayor, citing her significant experience in and out of government and what she described as a moral conflict in holding the temporary roles as both Acting Mayor and City Council President.
Photo courtesy: Hoboken Now/Amy Sara Clark

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