And then there were…

Eight? Yes, a full plate in at the deadline. We now have a full mayoral field worthy of the Kentucky Derby. As reported by Hoboken Now they are in no particular order:
Nathan Brinkman
Everton A. Wilson
Patricia A. Waiters
Kimberly Glatt
Sal Demeo
Beth Mason
Frank Raia
Dawn Zimmer.
The new light is on some of the independent candidates. We spoke to the campaign manager for Everton Wilson and knew he was looking to come in under the radar.
Everton A. Wilson is a very strong technology professional working on a doctorate at Stevens with a page on Linkedin.
The other day we looked up some information on Sal Demeo. He’s apparently a local resident who went to high school in town but we don’t have much more than that. Is it the same guy with a Facebook page? (Hoboken Now is reporting Sal Demeo is a 60 year old retired Hoboken police officer.)
Talking Ed (yes as in the horse) Note:
Now that the petitions have been submitted, are you ready to sign an online petition? Yes, brought to you by Paul Swibinski the political operative who ran the Cammarano campaign to victory (with some developer/federal sting money mind you) is leading the charge for the Beth Mason for Mayor 2.0 campaign with a let’s get Zimmer’s negatives up campaign online petition. Our least favorite local political site is already proudly running this catfish laden commercial and that’s the last plug we will be making to Perry, the unGlenn-Beck of censorship this campaign season.
Now we are cognizant enough to take stock of the political reality here, we know how the game is played. Already, here is the dirt slung before any hope of illumination on the issues of the town coming to light, but taking this into account; we note our opposition to the utter contempt it expresses for the town’s voters.
After yesterday’s launch, where Beth Mason basked in the glow of her experience, does this, not a day after actually show confidence in said experience? That’s not the message your campaign is sending Councilwoman. Did you think about that?

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