Destroying a Republic from within: the Orange Man Bad rule

There’s no longer blatant lying by most major media these days. They actually go well beyond the low-brow watch us invert the truth by flipping a few words you just heard said and tell you the opposite occurred.

It’s all justifiable, of course, because Orange Man Bad.

That’s not the news pardon the pun. For many, what will be news is beyond all statistical probability and all the tales of vote fraud coming to the fore, the corporate globalist media will not simply stop at ignoring the truth. They’ll insist it simply doesn’t exist.
Similar to the karmic boomerang of the Russia Collusion Hoax where it turned out not to be the Russians’ doing involving President Trump or his campaign but in truth, it was a Democrat political operation all along, funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. It didn’t end there as US intel agencies were used to establish the predicate for massive harassment and deranged prosecution of the innocent. See Carter Page and General Michael Flynn for starters. #ObamaKnew
Destroying our institutions and any human life in the way is justifiable. Because Orange Man Bad.
The ricochet of a Ukraine phone call with its president and President Trump was never about anything untoward in that conversation. The impeachment effort was meant to protect the illicit millions tracking back to the Biden family from the much maligned Hunter Biden, a drug addict who had some questionable sexual relationships. One being with his dead brother’s widow. Let’s put aside the 14 year-old niece and be generous. 
Selling out America, treason and pedophilia is okay. Because Orange Man Bad.
Statiscally, any court will hear evidence showing problematic, clear evidence of voter fraud. It’s been applied before and the US routinely uses such analytics in overseeing international elections. 
Why wouldn’t these analytics apply to Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? Simple, Orange Man Bad.
This week, there will be multiple lawsuits filed on behalf of President Trump and more than 70 million actual, live voters. Note the desperate efforts to suppress the truth and complete the steal, fully exposed. 
Watch how hard they try to silence it. It’s all fine to destroy American from within. Orange Man Bad.

Here’s to you BC.
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