10,000 dead voters in Michigan in “Bring out ye dead” effort


Confirmed analysis: Michigan shows almost 10,000 deceased voters participated in the state’s 2020 election!

An analyst spent a weekend pouring through the Michigan voter files and comparing them against death records. 

The analyst, of Big Data Poll and People’s Pundit Daily is among the top organizations who correctly called the various states correctly in the election last week.

Richard Baris a formerly Florida based data analyst who recently moved to North Carolina and was featured in the New York Post for his uncanny accuracy in this election and also in 2016.

Among the states Baris called correctly, Florida which he stated would be won by President Trump by two points and trending his way leading into Election Day. The state is now a model of transparency having implemented real time reporting and was won by President Trump at almost 3.5%.

Baris posted his results on the dead of Michigan voting in the election last week totaling almost 10,000. It’s unknown for the moment how many were rejected by the state.

Richard Baris can be reached at People’s Pundit Daily. His Twitter account is:

Talking Ed Note: The problems with vote fraud are materializing in a number of states. For example, Nevada has thousands of votes identified from people who are not residents of the state.

A number of filings are expected this week by President Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin for starters. 

In tandem, the massive censorship by Big Tech and the corporate media is attempting to suppress the legal challenges to the alleged massive vote fraud.

In Hoboken, we know better. I spent more than a decade uncovering evidence of vote fraud conspiracies using, wait for it…. Vote by Mail.

Last year, the first convictions were rendered for the 2013 Hoboken vote fraud conspiracy. Frank “Pupie” Raia was convicted for underwriting the operation and earlier this year sentenced spending three months in a federal prison.

Here is the presser which is being ignored by the media which invested in its narrative the election is over and Joe Biden won.

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