Councilman Peter Cunningham on the Tuesday Primary Election

From the desk of Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear Registered Democratic Voter of the 5th Ward (mostly), 
This Tuesday, June 6th is Primary Day.  Most don’t pay too much attention to what happens in the primary elections unless there’s something big on the ballot like presidential, senatorial or gubernatorial election.  
This year we have a gubernatorial election and I’ll be supporting Phil Murphy.  Just as important, we have Democratic Committee.(DC) elections that run every two years on the ballot this year.
These seats are very important as they are intended to be the “eyes and ears” within the District on matters that are important to you.  I have always worked with our DC people on parking, traffic, transportation and development  related matters to name a few.  And over the last couple of weeks, I am sure you have met many of them on the doors also expressing what they have done (and will do) to represent you interest working with me, and promoting a democratic platform.  
The 5th Ward is divided into 7 Legislative Districts.  I have worked hard to select candidates that I feel best represents the current and growing needs of our community.  Some of them are already very involved, while others stand to make a positive impact in our neighborhoods going forward.  
I am asking for your support for these outstanding individuals (woman and man) in each of the following districts.  
District 1 – Byndia Bhalla and Kurt Gardner

District 2 – Pat Kelly and Peter Cunningham (your councilman)

District 3 – Rebecca Kramnick and Phil Cohen

District 4 – Kathleen Harrington and David Tornabene

District 5 – Amy Sommer and Stewart Mader

District 6 – Ann Graham and Paul Kuehn

District 7 – Leslie Howard and Danny Spiegel
On your sample ballot, we are all at the bottom of column E on line 15E and 16E.
Thanks for your consideration, and please let me know if you have any questions.  And if you are not in the 5th Ward, I would be happy to assist you on who I would be supporting in your District!  Thanks again.


Peter Cunningham
Column E Sample for Fifth Ward Democratic Committee for 5-1: Patwalia Bhalla & Kurt Gardiner:

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