City: Southwest Park Expansion & Redevelopment Plan Update

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City of Hoboken, NJ

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Community: Update on Southwest Park Expansion & Redevelopment Plan
Dear MSV readers,

The Hoboken City Council will hold a public hearing and final vote to authorize an appraisal and offer amount of $3,975,000 for the acquisition of approximately an acre of Block 10 to expand the Southwest Park and to adopt the Southwest Redevelopment Plan at the June 7th Council meeting. At a special meeting on May 24th, the Council unanimously voted to introduce both measures. The Hoboken Planning Board reviewed the redevelopment plan and determined that it was consistent with the Hoboken Master Plan.

“The final approval of the Block 10 appraisal will be an important step so we can continue negotiations to acquire the property to expand the Southwest Park,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The redevelopment plan allows for the possibility for an even further expansion of the resiliency park, but since the plan is voluntary, it is critical that we make this acquisition to ensure sufficient open space for our growing Southwest neighborhood.”

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