Hoboken Democratic Committee on Line E

The progress in Hoboken since 2009 is no accident. The fight for good governance and 21st century standards has come at great cost and sacrifice and for some in Hoboken, over decades.

Setting expectations in the face of an opposition willing to deploy legal and illegal means for profit and power begins at the local committee level. This is a mandatory ingredient, electing people who will ensure honest elections.

Honest elections are a fundamental part of our constitutional rights, essential to any democratic form of government. Hoboken must have a base of like-minded representatives who demonstrate integrity and uphold free and fair elections and the Constitution. While all elected officials must be held to account at all times, some of the opposition are SHOWN to demonstrate the exact opposite.

Hoboken must work to maintain standards of decency at all levels of government. Otherwise, the swarmy, odious and noxious elements will take Hoboken back to its “On the Waterfront” past. They’ll do it with a straight face all the while supporting the absolute worst in this town.

This year a slate of candidates endorsed by Mayor Zimmer and good governance advocates will appear at the bottom of Column E.

The Democratic Candidates on Line E with polling location:

In the 2-1, Masonic legal action in Hudson Superior Court by Beth Mason attorney Steve Kleinman bumped off a slightly late filing for Sheillah and Aaron Dallara so Ines Garcia Keim and Peter Biancamano could run unopposed. 

For those uptown residents, the bottom of Line E will appear blank and requires a write-in. Here’s how to do the write-in at the bottom of Line E. You can ask a poll worker for help at any time with the write-in.

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