Councilman Mike DeFusco “Sounds Alarm on PAC funded by Real Estate Developer Poised to Hijack Hoboken City Council Election”

Official release:

Councilman Mike DeFusco is sounding the alarm that a Political Action Committee funded by real estate interests is poised to spend tens of thousands of dollars over the next week to influence Hoboken’s City Council elections. According to documents filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission and reported today by the New Jersey Globe, real estate giant Mack-Cali has just funneled $30,000 in special interest money into the NJ Community Initiatives PAC for the direct purpose of influencing the outcome of the municipal election. The documents show that the powerful developer has already spent nearly $20,000 to support Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s handpicked candidate in the First Ward, Migdalia Pagan-Milano, in an attempt to remove independent leaders like Councilman DeFusco from office. 
“Much like what we saw two years ago, special interest groups are pouring dark money into Hoboken in an attempt to alter the outcome of our municipal elections,” said Councilman DeFusco. “We are now just eight days away from an election that will determine the future of our city, and it is outrageous that Migdalia Pagan-Milano is willing to accept this kind of shady support. Money from major real estate players like Mack-Cali doesn’t come for free, and First Ward voters deserve to know exactly what kind of shady deal Migdalia and the Mayor made to win this support.” 
The ELEC filing is publicly accessible and can be found here.

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